About Adept Data Services

Who We Are

Adept Data Services has been founded to operate alongside two other businesses, Dev Partners and Cloud Vendor, both owned by two of our senior management team, Rob Sherwood and Jason Wheeler. These sister businesses are involved in the development and support of varied software, website and online shop creators, as well as supporting businesses in the publishing and bureau arenas.

The software being offered and used by Adept Data Services was initially developed by Dev Partners, with AdeptIS and AdeptEM existing for some while, albeit is different guises, with both having been in real world use for a reasonable number of years and are therefore well proven.

The senior management team are all investors in the business and more detail on our background and experience can be found on our team page.

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective suite of software alongside a comprehensive data bureau, offering bespoke packages to businesses of all sizes.   We work with publishing and events companies nationwide and are experienced in data management, circulation fulfilment, and software development.

Our system is completely web-based, so there is no capital outlay required for server costs,  no data backups to worry about, and provides round-the-clock access to your data.

Adept Data Services was formed in 2021,  We are based in Kent, just a short drive from Ebbsfleet International Train station, and 15 minutes from the Dartford Tunnel.

Our team all have decades of experience within IT publishing software and circulation management, See our team page for more details.

Adept Data Services operates alongside two of our sister companies, Dev Partners and Cloud Vendor, both owned by our senior management team. The AdeptIS software has been in use for a number of years by these sister companies, so has already been used in the ‘real world’ and has certainly proved it's worth. It was the system used by Beeline Data Services for around 10 years.

Our "lightbulb moment" occurred, when we received requests from other businesses for similar software that can offer a mix-and-match approach to their data management.

We have worked with clients including the Financial Times, Newsquest, Haymarket Publishing, Emap, Centaur, Incisive Media, InfoPro Digital, Telegraph Media, Economist, Datateam and Wilmington Group and many, many more.