AdeptIS and AdeptEM

Specialist Publishing & Events Systems

AdeptIS (aka Adept Information System) was initially written to run a circulation and subscription bureau service serving publishers, but we thought "why shouldn’t others benefit who wish to completely control their data in-house?" Therefore, while it is the engine behind our bureau offering it can also be licensed to drive your in-house operation or a flexible mix between the two.

The system is completely web-based and can scale to suit any size of organisation. It incorporates its own data selection tool which is usually more than capable of handling data analysis requirements for the majority of media owners. Should your data analysis requirements be extremely complex, AdeptIS can easily integrate with several external business intelligence tools.

AdeptIS has been the engine used behind Beeline Data Services bureau offering for almost 10 years, so we feel it has more than proved itself. Daniel Verrells, owner of Beeline recently commented “having tried various other systems across the years, I think it ranks with the best”.

AdeptEM (aka Adept Event Management) is based on a bespoke system, originally commissioned by Paul Mitchell, for an exhibition organiser and publisher, where he was undertaking some consultancy work. The business concerned was purchased by Telegraph Media Group whose original intention was to replace the commissioned system very soon after the acquisition with their existing in-house system. However, testament to how good our system was, they continued to use it for many years.

AdeptEM, quite apart from general CRM features, will create customer contracts, invoices etc, and caters for staged payments, typical in the exhibitions marketplace.

All our systems and services are hosted on our servers, providing a wealth of benefits to your business including no capital outlay for server costs; round-the-clock access to your software, and no data backups to worry about.

Benefits of our hosted services include: