What We Offer Your Business

Hosted Service

First and foremost, all our systems and services are hosted. What does this mean, many ask, and the answer is quite simple, all software and data is held on servers under the control of Adept Data Services.

Some of the benefits our hosted service are:

Bureau Service

As mentioned elsewhere, our AdeptIS software was originally written to be the engine behind a circulation and subscription bureau. At the time the software was being created, we spoke with people working in some of the larger B2B publishers, who all agreed there was a need for a fresh, twenty-first century, approach but, understandably couldn’t see themselves moving to a bureau with unproven software.

Recently, a conversation with another publisher suggested there was definitely a gap in the market, which we satisfied, in so far as not being a one-man band, but also not too large to become impersonal. Equally, our intention is to offer a cost-effective service.

Our service is completely flexible in terms of how much is undertaken in-house by a publisher and what they wish to outsource. For example, a client may wish to undertake their own data entry, issue selections, customer service, etc, but not have the space or facilities to store and dispatch magazines for claims and copy sales fulfilment, or dispatch renewal notices. Perhaps there is no in-house expertise of ABC / BPA audit? - Adept Data Services have the experience and can fulfil these requirements.

Our management and staff have extensive experience running a bureau as well as supporting and developing computer systems. In addition, we have years of experience within a publishing environment managing circulation and subscriptions together with marketing. We are unique in relation to the collective experience we can pass on to your business.