Our people

We are extremely fortunate to have a team of people with complementary skills, and great breadth and depth of experience, meaning we can offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

Whilst we take customer service and our business in general extremely seriously, we also share a common and strong sense that we need to enjoy what we do. You only need to look at the mugshots and biographies below to realise we have a good sense of humour!

Senior Management Team

Rob Sherwood

Managing Director

Rob joined Wilmington Publishing in 1998, initially involved in data entry and database management for what was pretty much Wilmington’s first online service related to light aircraft. His IT skills were quickly recognised, resulting in him becoming a member of the IT department, reporting to Paul Mitchell.

In 2002, Paul invited Rob to join WDIS, having had to argue a good case with Wilmington. Whilst Rob remained based in Kent, Paul ended up as his unpaid chauffeur on the days he needed to be in WDIS’s West London office, foolish or what? Thankfully, he eventually passed his driving test.

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Jason Wheeler

Technical Director

In relation to Adept Data Services, Jason is the least experienced in relation to the publishing and events industries but has had quite an involvement in supporting Dev Partners' clients in these arenas.

Jason possesses a wealth of knowledge and great technical ability and, as a member of the common management team across our small group of companies, his knowledge and experience is invaluable.

It would be fair to say that, occasionally, we suspect Jason is gardening when he should be coding, but that’s another story.

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Paul Mitchell


Paul’s background is accounting but moreover is an experienced business
manager. His exposure to publishing started in the 1980s and, since then, has worked within Wilmington Group, jointly managed WDIS and has undertaken consultancy work for Abacus e-media and Telegraph Media Group amongst others. Paul has been working as Commercial Manager for Dev Partners and Cloud Vendor since the beginning of 2015.

Paul's the oldie amongst us but believes strongly there can real benefit from employing an old wrinkly!

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The Main Players

Kevin Venn

Systems Manager

Kevin is an experienced systems developer and manager who has worked for CDS Global, Abacus e-media, WDIS, AI Bureau and Sussex Computers. Experienced in supporting B2B and B2C publishing clients alike, together with his other skills makes him an extremely valuable member of staff. Don’t tell him that otherwise he may want a salary increase!

Kevin has been working with our sister companies since 2015, initially as a freelancer but then as a full-time member of staff.

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Simon Torrington

Data & Audit Specialist

Simon has extensive experience as a systems developer and information specialist with a flexible skill set covering databases, data cleaning/deduplication and circulation audits.

Simon has held IT roles for a wide spectrum of businesses including publishing, fulfilment bureaus, global financial services and utilities. Simon joined us in 2016, when CDS Global decided to outsource their B2B development and support to Dev Partners.

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Julie Sherwood

Circulation & Marketing Specialist

Julie has managed the circulations for a very many B2B magazines over the years, working at Wilmington Publishing, VNU Business Publications, Datateam and Quantum Publishing. Her experience also extends into copywriting and marketing, which is well utilised within her role across our companies.

It could easily be said that Julie is the beauty amongst the beasts (just look at the rest) and, yes, Julie is married to our MD but we guess someone has to be!

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Jeff Barker

Head of Operations

Involved with publishing and events since 2006, Jeff joined Dev Partners in 2020. Having circulation, subscriptions, call centre and events experience, as well as circulation audits, makes him a good fit within Adept Data Services, along with many of our other groups’ clients.

His project management skills, together with circulation management and events experience are invaluable.

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The Reserves

On the substitutes bench we have three individuals who also have good development, data handling and support experience having worked for Sussex Computers/AI Bureau, WDIS and then CDS Global. Additional substitutes are also available who are equally capable of supporting Adept Data Services customers.