Rob Sherwood
Managing Director

Rob joined Wilmington Publishing in 1998, initially involved in data entry and database management for what was pretty much Wilmington’s first online service related to light aircraft. His IT skills were quickly recognised, resulting in him becoming a member of the IT department, reporting to Paul Mitchell.

In 2002, Paul invited Rob to join WDIS, having had to argue a good case with Wilmington. Whilst Rob remained based in Kent, Paul ended up as his unpaid chauffeur on the days he needed to be in WDIS’s West London office, foolish or what? Thankfully, he eventually passed his driving test.

Following Rob’s time with Wilmington Publishing, his WDIS days saw him add network administration, UNIX systems management and systems development to his repertoire.

Following Optima’s purchase of WDIS and then onward to his days with CDS Global, Rob continued to progress his knowledge in relation to systems and networking, alongside an ever-increasing involvement in web and general software development. Rob developed CRM, order processing and billing systems not only for in-house use but these were also adopted by WDIS clients.

In 2010 Rob decided it was time to go out alone setting up his own business, which became Dev Partners. Initially, he continued to undertake work, and still does, for CDS Global alongside freelance systems development and support. Pretty soon he’d also attracted clients such as H2O Publishing. Around this time, aided and abetted by Paul Mitchell, Kevin Venn and another, during what should have been his spare time, Rob wrote what became our AdeptIS software.

Around the end of 2011, Paul Mitchell commissioned Rob to write a CRM / SOP system to handle exhibitions and other events as well as magazine ad sales for VOS Media, where Paul was a consultant, this software continued to be used by Telegraph Media Group for a considerable time after they acquired VOS. This system was the basis of and has evolved into our AdeptEM software.

Still undertaking freelance development jobs, in 2013 Rob met Jason and at the end of that year they formed a new business, now called Cloud Vendor. This was primarily serving the fashion industry and has high profile clients such as Motel Rocks, AX Paris and ChiChi Clothing.

Testament to Rob’s abilities, many Dev Partners clients have come about because of ex-colleagues and their businesses or recommendations. Kevin Venn once commented that Rob was one of the fastest and most competent developers he’d come across.  Away from work Rob is a semi-professional musician playing in an Arctic Monkeys tribute band along with other musical projects. He and Jason are also part owners of a music store, above which are our company’s main office.  There’s generally a guitar in the corner of the office which concerns many of us that he’s strumming when he should be coding!